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From simple projects to more complex, integrated solutions, City Multi provides you with the ultimate in design flexibility. City Multi is available as an air-source system or a water-source system. The intelligent design of City Multi's new modular outdoor units allow for a much wider range of capacities, from 6 to 30-ton in a single system. Indoors, the versatility of City Multi is further expanded by a choice of 13 different indoor unit styles, with capacities ranging from 6,000 Btu/h to 96,000 Btu/h. There is a perfect indoor unit for every space in your building, from ceiling cassette and wall-mounted units to ducted and floor-standing units. High-performance energy recovery ventilators are also available to improve indoor air quality and reduce overall energy consumption.

When it comes to installation, City Multi provides the freedom to accommodate just about any commercial or large residential application, including multi-story office buildings, universities, condo properties and more.

Each City Multi system can be configured for up to 50 separate zones within a building. Multiple systems can also be integrated into a larger network to manage and air condition up to 2000 individual zones, all controlled from a single computer. Because of the advanced independent zone control system, each individual zone can have comfort levels set to meet its own needs through a secure high-speed communication bus.

City Multi also has the ability to expand its applications with a wide range of control options and accessories, such as the ability to connect to a Building Management System via LonWorks or BACnet. Other options include analog and digital input/output controllers for advanced interlocking functions as well as remote system operations and access via the Internet.