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City Multi offers superior heating and cooling solutions, naturally. Mitsubishi Electric is at the forefront of geothermal heating and cooling solutions with the City Multi water source system applying as a highly effective and energy-efficient ground source heat pump (GSHP). City Multi’s ground-source heat pumps use the earth’s natural solar energy collection and heat storage capabilities as an infinite heating or cooling source. During the summer months, heat is removed from the building and rejected into the ground, thus cooling the building. In the winter, heat travels into the building by extracting it from the ground thus heating the building. City Multi's GSHP, equipped with the unique VRF technology, boosts the performance and energy efficiency of both heating and cooling operation to a new high level.

City Multi’s GSHP offers the same benefits as the City Multi air-source lineup, such as design flexibility and personalized comfort. But what’s more, GSHP is considered a sustainable technology and minimizes your carbon footprint. Each City Multi GSHP is connected together via a water loop, which means heat energy can be recovered and transferred between systems.

City Multi’s GSHP is compact and quiet and can be installed in mechanical rooms within a building – it’s actually less obtrusive and requires less maintenance than wind turbines.

Ground-source heat pumps extract or reject heat to the Earth via a network of plastic pipes containing water, or sometimes glycol solution. The closed loop system, either vertical or horizontal, is the most common of the configurations. Pipes can be buried under the building or a parking lot by drilling either vertical boreholes or horizontal trenches. Alternatively, if the building has access to an aquifer, pipes can run all the way down to utilize this natural underground water source as an open loop configuration.