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City Multi Y-Series is one of the most flexible VRF systems in the market with its increased pipe lengths. Two pipes run from the Y-Series outdoor unit to connect up to 50 indoor units via simple T-branches, headers, or a combination of both. Y-Series offers exceptional pipe lengths that can accommodate just about any commercial or residential application, including high-rise office buildings, residences, universities, and more.

The manageability of the outdoor unit has been improved due to a drastic reduction in its weight, leading to easy transportation, installation, and reduction in withstand load.

The new compact outdoor units can be transported through a 31-1/2 in. (800 mm) wide door. These models have a smaller footprint and service space requirement than the previous models.

The new models have a smaller footprint and service space requirement than previous models.

CITY MULTI VRF systems led the introduction of larger single-fan rotors over ten years ago, achieving substantially lower noise levels over multiple designs.

Continuing the development in the areas of blade shape and weight, Mitsubishi Electric has managed to achieve even higher performance and lower noise levels.To reduce noise levels further and comply with inner city residential noise regulations, all outdoor units include low-noise mode. This function works by lowering the fan speed and compressor frequency proportionally with reduction in demand.