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While conventional heating and air conditioning units can give your room an average temperature or level of comfort, you'll still notice area that stand out from the rest. This is because conventional thermostats simply can't measure the effects of radiant heat or cold drafts from windows, walls, floors, or even other people in the room - all of which can affect the temperature of the room in different ways, leaving warmer or cooler spots scattered throughout.

Our revolutionary i-see Sensor is a radiant temperature sensor that scans in a remarkable 360°around the room. The sensor detects the infrared radiation generated from surrounding wall and floor surfaces and with the temperature data collected, the sensor enables the indoor unit to eliminate hot and cool spots in the room by focusing airflow to those specific areas, creating a comfortable environment near the floor, close to occupants. The i-see Sensor is offered as an option on PLFY-P NBMU-E units.

CITY MULTI delivers very high energy-efficient operations because of the high COP of the inverter heat pump. But during those very cold days when indoor temperatures become more difficult to maintain, City Multi’s indoor units can work in combination with interlocked external heaters to provide continuous comfort throughout the winter. As the outdoor temperature drops, City Multi’s control system automatically activates the supplementary heater to compensate for the needed heat. And as the heating output of City Multi increases, the supplementary heater is deactivated automatically to provide the optimum energy savings.

Gyms, laboratories etc. often require the ability to cool lower than the standard comfort cooling setpoint. By selecting a dip switch on the unit, a cooling operation set temperature of 57ºF [14ºC] DB is possible on PFFY-NEMU/NRMU and PEFY series. The indoor unit fan will be fixed at high speed during this operation (except PUMY).

With the ability to service individual units while others within a system continue to function, City Multi maintenance is trouble-free. Maintenance efficiencies are enhanced with the availability of the intelligent system tests that survey sensors, refrigerant levels and wiring.

With the proprietary software of Microsoft Windows-based Maintenance Tool, City Multi allows technicians to monitor and collect detailed system information on or off-site directly from their PCs. Technicians can observe processes from multiple systems, including pressure and temperature readings, display and control LEV settings, and the activity of all connected indoor units. System data may be saved and recorded for future analysis and error reports or malfunction logs delivered via email.

City Multi technicians are assisted in identifying system malfunctions with intelligent self-diagnostic functions. Error codes, indexed in the service manual, offer points of reference for potential causes of error, functions to test and methods for resolving a problem. Error codes are, by default, displayed on individual and system remote controls but may also be sent to a recipient via email.

Both Y and R2 series correspond to high static pressure of 60Pa, ideal and flexible for any type of application.

The anti-corrosion Blue Fin treatment of the heat exchanger is especially effective in urban environments where the traffic pollution can damage the aluminum fins, reducing the capacity and life expectancy of the unit. All CITY MULTI R-410A outdoor units have been treated with Blue Fin.