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As a market leader in the industry, Mitsubishi Electric has introduced a wide range of R-410A air conditioning solutions throughout the world.

Not only is our new line of City Multi R-410A VRF systems more ozone friendly but they also offer significant improvements in both efficiency and performance!

New R-410A refrigerant combined with associated enhancements in inverter technology are delivering more efficient systems with COP energy savings reaching 15% and more. This is excellent news for both the energy-conscious and those looking to meet future building and government legislation.

The Ozone Depletion & Refrigerant Details section contains information on the Ozone Depletion Theory, an overview of the different refrigerant types as well as detail information on R-410A refrigerant and its installation considerations. Additional information on these topics can also be found in our R-410A Guide.

R22, an HCFC-based refrigerant, has been a popular choice for most chillers. R22 has been targeted by the Montreal Protocol to be phased out in new equipment. Additionally, governments in many countries are enforcing a ban of HCFC-based refrigerants for new installations.

Because of these restrictions, R-410A refrigerants are desirable. R-410A is a blend of HFCs, which do not deplete the ozone but may contribute to global warming.

R-410A is a more efficient refrigerant as it has a higher specific heat capacity when compared to R-407C or R22. This higher energy-carrying capacity allows for smaller pipe sizes, longer pipe runs, and reduces the volume of refrigerant within a system. This is a major factor concerning safety and environmental friendliness in the design, manufacture, installation, operation, maintenance and disposal of refrigerating systems.