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City Multi's intelligent VRF Technology provides optimum comfort by altering its capacity to meet real-time temperature requirements. VRF Technology ensures that spaces are never overheated or overcooled.

It is always difficult for building management and the occupants during Spring and Fall when the temperature frequently fluctuates. There are always sections of the building soaking up heat while others are lacking. This situation does not stop here because the heating and cooling zones continue to shift from day to day as well. City Multi offers simultaneous heating and cooling, in which every unit within the system can independently and automatically switch between cooling and heating mode, depending on the sensed requirements. And with the independent zone control system, each unit may be operated independently to provide customized comfort levels by adjusting temperature settings, mode selection, fan speed selection, vane control, and basic on/off controls. The need of each zone can now easily be satisfied, offering everyone comfort without interruption.

Available on specific models, City Multi's Automatic Fan Speed Function provides automated fan speed adjustment for immediate high-speed heating and cooling at start-up. Once the temperature becomes stabilized, the unit will automatically reduce the fan speed to provide optimum comfort while ensuring the least amount of energy expenditure. City Multi's optional i-see sensor locates and minimizes hot and cool spots by aiming the appropriate amount of cool or warm air towards those areas. The result is an even, comfortable temperature throughout the entire space being heated or cooled.

City Multi’s advanced control system comfortably puts building management at ease. Features include system operation and monitoring, scheduling (daily, weekly, and yearly), e-mail error notification, tenant billing, and maintenance diagnostic information (all available from a single networked PC). Web-based controls also allow users to pre-heat or pre-condition their spaces remotely from a web browser, providing an ideal temperature upon arrival.