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It is possible now to combine the features of VRF with a water circuit using CITY MULTI WR2/WY. In this case heat is absorbed or rejected to a water circuit instead of to the outside air. The advantages of water source systems are that the water can be delivered at optimized temperatures and volumes, which allows even greater flexibility and increased COP.

Water-Source systems are ideally suited for use in temperate and cooler climates since heat exchange with the outside air is not required. Water source systems are much more flexible in high rise applications and they can also be used in geothermal applications as ground source
heat pumps.

Mitsubishi Electric now offers double heat recovery operation with the water source WR2-Series. The first heat recovery is within the refrigerant circuit between indoor units. Through simultaneous cooling and heating operation, heat is recovered from units in cooling mode and transferred to units in heating mode. The second heat recovery is within the water loop, where heat is recovered between the WR2 systems. The double heat recovery operation substantially improves energy efficiency and makes the system the ideal solution to the requirements of modern office buildings, where some
area require cooling even in winter.