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The City Multi WR2-Series provides all of the advantages of the R2-Series with the added advantages of a water source heat pump system.

The WR2-Series is the perfect water source energy solution for demanding applications which require simultaneous heating and cooling. Condensing units can be situated indoors allowing greater design flexibility and no limitation on building size. Depending on capacity, 15 to 19 indoor units can be connected to a single condensing unit with individualized and/or centralized control.

City Multi WR2-Series can also be applied as a ground source heat pump utilizing geothermal energy. By extracting or rejecting heat energy from and to the ground through water pipes, City Multi water source system operates at the optimum level of energy efficiency to provide a comfortable and environ-friendly heating and cooling solution.

Flexibility, ease of installation, energy efficiency, high quality and low-maintenance operation are just some of the reasons more and more Canadians are realizing the benefits that the City Multi WR2-Series has to offer.