Our easy-to-use Wireless Remote Control lets you adjust fan speed & output modes - from anywhere in the room. Mitsubishi's Fuzzy Logic "I Feel" system adjusts conditions to suit you. By tapping the Too Cold or Too Warm button on the remote, the optimum temperature is set and memorized, recalling it whenever you turn on the air conditioner.

View our Wireless Remote Control Features

View operational and control status at a glance with the builtin digital display. The wired remote also features menudriven programming so that all features and controls are at your fingertips. (Available with ceiling-concealed models.)

This display can be switched to one of eight different languages: English, French, Italian, Chinese, Spanish, German, Russian and Japanese.

Limiting the set temperature range Sets upper and lower temperature limits to save energy and prevents excessive heating or cooling.
Auto Off Timer Reduces wasted energy by turning off the air conditioner automatically. Preset times from 30 minutes to 4 hours in
30 minute increments.
Lock Controller Operation Disables all buttons or operations on the remote control except for the On/Off button.

Gain complete control over your energy usage with the weekly timer function embedded into the remote. Up to eight different temperature settings can be programmed for each day.

The remote control displays error codes to notify you when the system malfunctions. Each error code cross references to a troubleshooting table for easy diagnostics and servicing.