Zone Control - By dividing a home into multiple zones, each area can have a customized level of comfort. Each zone has a separate thermostat to control the zone’s damper to open, close, or adjust its operation as needed while Zuba-Central matches its output based on each zone’s demand to maximize energy efficiency.

Supply Air Duct - Delivers conditioned hot or cool air to each area in a home.

Air Handling Unit - Houses a refrigerant coil which heats or cools the return air, and the enclosed blower motor moves the conditioned air around the house.

Return Air Duct - Brings air from each area in a house back to the Air Handling Unit for reconditioning.

Barometric Bypass Damper - When a zone damper closes, the air pressure in the Supply Air Duct will increase and affect the airflow throughout the entire HVAC system. As the air pressure increases, this damper will open to bypass some of the supply air back to the Return Air Duct in order to maintain a balanced air pressure and constant airflow.

Zone Panel - Communicate with thermostats to control the operations of Zuba-Central and dampers for each zone.

Outdoor Unit - Houses a refrigerant coil which absorbs ambient heat in heating mode and releases heat in cooling mode.

Refrigerant Pipes - Two small-diameter copper pipes that transfer refrigerant in liquid and gaseous forms between the Outdoor Unit and the Air Handling Unit.

Outdoor Sensor - Monitors outdoor air temperature.