Our advanced Variable Compressor Speed Inverter (VCSI) Technology provides exceptional high-speed heating and cooling performance, energy-efficient operation, and most importantly, the experience of unmatched comfort.

Conventional compressors work on cycles where the system starts up and stays at a fixed speed until it overshoots the set temperature, and then stops until the next cycle begins. This on-off cycle causes unnecessary energy spikes and also consumes high amounts of energy, regardless of the actual requirement, as the system is always producing the maximum amount of cooling or heating even when the demand is low. This results in a tremendous amount of wasted energy and uncomfortable energy fluctuations.

When a VCSI compressor initially starts up, it runs at a higher speed in order to reach the set temperature in a shorter period of time. Once the set temperature is met, the compressor slows down and automatically adjusts to the exact speed required to maintain the set temperature by detecting the subtle changes in the environment. The result is clear: less temperature variation and more efficient operation. This strategic "fast-slow" operation allows for less energy consumption as it minimizes the duration for which the compressor needs to run at high speed. Since the compressor dynamically reacts to maintain the exact cooling or heating needs under lower speeds, a minimum amount of energy is used and a more consistent temperature is maintained.