Designed for Canada's environment, Zuba-Central replaces traditional means of heating and cooling with one quiet, compact, highly efficient, ducted system that can save space and significant annual energy costs. Thanks to features like H2i technology, Zuba-Central is capable of heating efficiently down to -30°C and beyond. So put some serious thought into your home, and you’ll think...Zuba-Central.

Zuba-Central provides unmatched cooling and heating capabilities, keeping your entire home cool and consistent in the blaze of summer, and toasty and comfortable during the coldest of winter days. It’s easy to see why the Zuba-Central heat pump system is superior to other traditional heating and cooling systems. What you should also know is that it outperforms many competing heat pump systems as well. Compared to other means of heating, heat pumps are very efficient, but only as long as the outside temperatures stay above 0ºC. From this point and below, a supplemental heating system has to be used. Our Zuba-Central system is equipped with Mitsubishi Electric’s exclusive Hyper-Heat Inverter (H2i) technology, which gives you the same performance benefits all the way down to -30°C and below!

You can take comfort in knowing that Zuba-Central is quietly on the job all year round. In the summer, the heat pump transfers heat from the indoors to the outdoors so you can keep your cool, even on the hottest days. In the winter, the system works in reverse, along with the patent-pending H2i technology, to provide heating all the way down to -30ºC efficiently and beyond.

Even when Zuba-Central is not hard at work optimally heating your home, it is always on the job. And ready to start at a moment’s notice. With Zuba-Central’s H2i technology, you can count on quick start-up times. Plus, the unique defrost mechanism provides an extended period of continuous heating between the defrost time, and minimizes the defrost time required, proving yet again that Zuba-Central is one of the most efficient systems on the market.