The High-speed Hand Dryer combines a stylish design, convenience, cost-performance, and new wave-shaped nozzles for a satisfyingly quick and quiet user experience. Two models are available: one equipped with a heater for extra comfort and speed; a heater-less model with reduced power consumption.

New Slim TypeMini Type
Rapid dryingInstantly warm heaterHygienic designLong service lifeErgonomic design
Certified by NSF/ANSI 169

NSF International, an independent public safety health and standards organization, has certified the Jet Towel to be compliant with their rigorous requirements.

Antibacterial Treatment

All parts susceptible to coming in contact with water, such as hand-drying section, drain tank and water drainage duct (drain hose), are subjected to antibacterial treatment to ensure highly sanitary conditions.

*Blue-shaded areas have received antibacterial treatment.

Comparative Proof of Antibacterial Effect

Following 24hr culturing using film contact method in Mitsubishi Electric laboratories.

Silver ions attach to the cell walls of general cellular bacteria, curbing protein synthesis and reactions to control bacterial growth and reproduction.

Independent Air Ducts

In addition to an extremely hygienic touch-free design, emphasis has also been placed on ensuring the flow of fresh-air. The air-intake port and airflow route are isolated from the water drainage duct in Mitsubishi Electric products. Inserting the hands triggers a jet-stream of fresh air without using any air in the vicinity of the hands.

Alcohol-resistant Resin

An alcohol-resistant resin is used, enabling alcohol-based products to be used for cleaning the hand-drying section, drain tank and water drainage duct where sanitary conditions are a matter of concern. The open-side design, which allows easy hand access from either side, ensures quick and thorough cleaning of the hand-drying section as well.

* "Alcohol" means a disinflectant containing 83% of ethanol or less.