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Mitsubishi Electric recognizes the display needs of today’s modern traffic management centres. Whether monitoring road, rail, sea or air, the traffic management centre must display video surveillance, map data, and sensor information. Our display wall cubes provide an economical, large overview display to clearly show large quantities of information.

Typically a traffic management centre has the budget to buy a display wall, but they often have a difficult time with operational costs. Our display wall cubes are specifically engineered to provide a low cost of ownership by incorporating an LED light source and automatic color calibration.

Our Dynamic Brightness Balancing™ technology maintains brightness uniformity across the control room display wall by measuring each cube’s brightness every 2 seconds and adjusting the entire wall to a uniform brightness level. This is done electronically so there are no moving parts or failure points.

When analyzing video surveillance or mapping and sensor data it is important to have a display wall that enables the operators to clearly distinguish the details of the information presented. Our display wall cubes provide industry–leading screen brightness and contrast ratio.

As our display wall cubes provide high performance and low cost of ownership, leading traffic management centers choose to utilize Mitsubishi Electric display wall cubes to monitor their video surveillance and sensor management information.

The effective management of rail infrastructure is essential for smooth and safe operation of transport networks. Where lives and livelihoods are at stake, there can be no room for anything but the best technology available.

Mitsubishi Electric Display Wall systems have built an enviable, world-wide reputation for quality and reliability in transportation applications including railway and subway control and management centres and provide an economical, large overview display to clearly show large amounts of information to provide situational awareness to all operators in the control centre.

High efficiency, low ongoing operation costs combined with high resolution, high brightness performance, with accurate colour rendition ensures excellent representation of fine detail and data.

Our Dynamic Brightness Balancing™ employs built-in brightness sensors in each Mitsubishi Electric display wall cube (brightness is measured every 2 seconds), then communicates the measured brightness data between all cubes and automatically performs the necessary adjustments to maintain optimum brightness uniformity across the entire display wall. With industry-leading screen brightness and contrast ratio, our display wall systems enable operators to clearly distinguish details of information presented, assisting them in making appropriate operational decisions.

Due to the high performance and low cost of ownership, leading railway control centres choose to utilize Mitsubishi Electric display wall systems to monitor their critical systems including SCADA, Traction Power, Sensor Management Information and video surveillance.

Benefits for this environment

Low Cost of Ownership
Due to our reliable, new LED Light Source maintenance saving features, you will enjoy low cost of ownership for the life of the display wall.

High Brightness and Contrast Ratio
Mitsubishi Electric’s high brightness and contrast ratios provide images that are clear, sharp and easy to read thus reducing eye strain and fatigue for the operators.

LED Light Source Options
Mitsubishi Electric offers a new LED light source that has an average service life that is approximately 10 times longer than that of conventional ultra-high-pressure mercury lamps. Combined with the 100,000hr, ultra long service life of our fans, the average service life of Mitsubishi Electric LED display wall cubes is more than 10 years, even when operated 24/7.

Automatic Colour Space Management
Mitsubishi Electric utilizes a sophisticated colour space management circuit that allows fine tuning of colour space to meet stringent colour settings. Because the system can be set to user defined target colour spaces, the system can automatically adjust color space to compensate for newly introduced optical components.

Automatic Intensity Management
The most common cause of color differences between adjacent screens is brightness intensity differences. Mitsubishi Electric’s Dynamic Brightness Balancing circuitry checks and matches adjacent cubes every 2 seconds to ensure proper intensity matching.

The best protection from downtime is not through redundancy, but through reliability. Mitsubishi Electric Display Wall cubes will prove to be highly reliable components of your control room system. 

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