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Important Notice To All Customers

Beware of Purchasing Grey Market Mitsubishi Electric HVAC Products

It has come to our attention that certain Mitsubishi Electric and Mr. Slim branded Air Conditioning and Heat Pump Products are being imported into Canada and sold by unauthorized dealers, contractors or retailers and also over the Internet by unauthorized resellers. These are called "Grey Market" products.

Please note that Mitsubishi Electric Sales Canada Inc. is the only official authorized source in Canada for all Mitsubishi, Mr. Slim and Mitsubishi Electric branded products listed above or elsewhere on this website. Mitsubishi Electric Sales Canada Inc. distributes these products through a network of authorized Canadian Distributors who then supply the products to properly trained and authorized Dealers and Contractors

Be aware that if you purchase through Grey Market sources, the above noted Mitsubishi Electric products which did not originate from Mitsubishi Electric Sales Canada Inc., and supplied via our authorized sales channels, you can expect the following:

  • You will NOT have a valid Manufacturer's Warranty in Canada. 
  • Mitsubishi Electric Sales Canada or its authorized sales channels will NOT supply parts, technical support, or assistance services for any such product. 
  • The actual product, which was intended for other markets such as the United States, may not have certain approvals, features or enhancements required for proper operation in Canada and our climate, regardless of having the same model number as those units sold in Canada. 
  • Your product is not likely to be installed in accordance with specialized training, product updates and proprietary Canadian bulletins provided exclusively to authorized dealers and contractors.

Note that it is not uncommon for Grey Market sources to misleadingly represent themselves as a legitimate Canadian Dealer or Contractor by using our trademarks or logos on their promotional materials.

To protect yourself, always confirm that your vendor or contractor is an Authorized Canadian Dealer or Contractor AND that the Mitsubishi Electric product which you are purchasing is supplied to them by an authorized Canadian Distributor and originates from Mitsubishi Electric Sales Canada Inc. You can find an authorized Dealer or Contractor by using the "Where To Buy" function on this website. You may also "Contact Us" at any time to verify if a dealer or contractor is authorized, or if the Mitsubishi Electric branded product which you have already purchased originated from Mitsubishi Electric Sales Canada Inc.