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About City Multi

At Mitsubishi Electric, we understand the complex needs of today’s building designers and developers.  There is no typical building anymore, just like there is no typical occupant.  The heating and cooling solutions for today’s buildings need to address key market issues such as energy efficiency, adaptability and reliability – a challenging task for some, but not for City Multi.

Adaptable Technology

City Multi is Mitsubishi Electric's HVAC solution for small to large-scale applications. City Multi is engineered to be flexible enough to adapt to any building needs while still providing high levels of comfort and energy efficiency.  To accomplish this goal, City Multi incorporates a variety of leading edge HVAC technologies including:

  • Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) technology that utilizes 2 refrigerant pipes to dynamically adjust refrigerant flow in order to meet actual load requirements.
  • Zoned climate control that allows each indoor unit to operate independently to optimize comfort within each zone.
  • Simultaneous heating and cooling to ensure comfort is maintained throughout the building while optimizing system efficiency by moving heat energy from cooling zones to heating zones.
  • Quiet indoor operation as low as 22dB(A) which goes unnoticed even in a library.
  • Voltage options of 208V, 460V and 575V offers design flexibility to new construction or retrofit projects.

Energy & Environment

City Multi can help improving building’s indoor environment and dramatically reduce energy consumption:

  • Advanced Lossnay Energy Recovery Ventilators (ERV) that improve indoor air quality and eliminate the potentially hazardous effects of Sick Building Syndrome.
  • Hydra-Dan energy conversion systems that recover wasted energy and use it for water heating and/or hydronic radiant heating/cooling applications.  This highly efficient system significantly reduces CO2 emissions and lowers overall operating costs.

A  History of Reliability

City Multi is designed and manufactured to Mitsubishi Electric’s exacting standards for impeccable quality and reliability.  That’s why City Multi systems have been operating in buildings all around the world (and in all kinds of climate conditions) virtually worry-free for more than 20 years.

Find out more about how City Multi can make your next building project a better place to live and/or work.

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